New Site Launch

My company launched a new website today for William and Elinor’s ski and holiday chalet.

This site presented some new challenges as it needed an availability calendar for both properties that they have, a map on how to find the chalet in France and I wanted to take take advantage of the newly installed Apache 2 zlib component on my server.

The availability calendar was built by hand using an idea suggested by Joe Makowiec allied to a previous booking system I had built for a Motel Site and some ideas taken from a DMX Zone Tutorial and with a little perspiration I ended up with a system that was simple for Elinor to update but powerful enough to give the results required.

The Google Map was created courtesy of WebAssist’s Pro Maps for Google extension which proved extremely simply to implement once I had the necessary information from William and Elinor.

To improve page load times I wanted to take advantage of the Apache 2 zlib component and the comments on this article gave me the clue I needed and I created a .htaccess file with the following code:
<filesmatch “\.(php|html|txt|css|js)$”>
SetOutputFilter DEFLATE

that does the job nicely, if you have the Web Developers Toolbar installed in Firefox choose Information -> Document Size to see the results.

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